Welcome to the WELLNESS in MOTION Studio

1430 Royal Maple Dr. Cumberland

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Laurie Marshall

She is great with understanding your needs and uses her experience and intuition to give you the best course of action possible!!!

Karen Johnstone

I must say that Jackie is the real deal: warm, encouraging, professional, and very down to earth. I always feel good after a class or a conversation with her. She is not an "evangelical" fitness guru pushing the latest fad. Rather, she is all about healthy living, mental and physical balance, and making lasting changes. Jackie is very much about empowerment, optimism, and giving you tools to help you move forward in the direction you want to head towards. I'm very glad to have found her, and have stuck with her ever since.    Communications - Royal Canadian Air Force


I started practicing hot yoga in January and my first class was with Jackie. I immediately liked her and her teaching style. She takes the time to explain each movement and posture we do and also gives us options if we want it to be a little bit more challenging. I feel really great and relaxed after each class and it has been very helpful in releasing my stress and anxiety!!! I go twice a week and sometimes three times and am now addicted to yoga:-)) I cannot ask for a better teacher!! 


I can attest to the fact that I have learned much from Jackie. She is a tremendous and caring Yogi. She has shown a depth of understanding far beyond what one can normally expect. If she applies herself to her new role as a Life Coach with the same ardor (and I am sure she will), she will be a great benefit to those she serves in Orleans, in Ottawa and in all of Ontario.  I fully recommend her to you. Namaste! 

Jean Francois

Je pratique le yoga dans les classes de Jacqueline depuis quelques années et j'apprécie beaucoup son style. Elle est très engagée avec son groupe et aussi très respectueuse des besoins de chaque participants. Ses classes sont variées et agrémentées de son très beau sourire. Elle m'as fait entre autre apprécier le Yoga.