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New as of June 17th: The Saturday morning class will be at 10:00am at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market. You don’t need to register. It is FREE and family friendly!! Weather permitting.  

IF IT IS AN OBVIOUS RAIN DAY the 10:00 am Saturday class will be held at the Hikano studio. Registration will need to be done online.  Feel free to call me if you are unsure 613 816-7549.

      Monday      Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday    Sunday
 9:00am Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga         10:00am               Yoga at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market FREE!
 5:30pm Hatha Yoga Gentle Yoga Hatha Yoga   Mobility TUNE UP
 7:00pm Hatha Yoga   Mobility  TUNE UP Yoga Core & Breath Fusion Hatha Yoga Gentle Yoga & Meditation

All classes will be in a safe and inclusive setting with maximum 8 participants for Mobility classes, 10 for Yoga practices and 12 for Meditation sessions.

Don’t be intimidated by any of the classes that are on the schedule. I offer enough options, modifications and instruction for everybody and every body to enjoy. The only class that is not perfect for people new to yoga or mobility work is the Flow Yoga.  It is preferable that you have a bit of experience with yoga and can move your body without pain in that fun, energizing flow.

Classes will run with as little as 1 person.

Feel free to call me to ask questions that would put your mind at ease about what the best options are for you. 613-816-7549


Do you want to be able to move with less aches and pain or more effectively? Are you interested in improving your strength and mobility? The Mobility Tune-Up classes have a therapeutic flare that will include a combination of Yoga Tune-Up®, self-massage with therapeutic balls, posture work, mobility as well as body weight, core & proper movement patterning for a well-balanced movement session.

Interested in building strength and range of motion to be able to perform functional movements with greater ease and efficiency? This well-balanced workout will include body weight exercises, use of strength bands, weights, benches.  Options for modifications will be taught to ensure that all levels can participate at their proper abilities and capacities. The intensity of these sessions will increase with time as you improve your strength and ability to move well.

This fusion class will incorporate a full-body approach with principles pulled from Pilates, Yoga, Yoga Tune-Up® and healthy movement patterning to create a healthy, strong, supple core A.K.A. diaphragm, abdominals, back muscles etc… No prior experience needed. You will connect or re-connect to your core to properly centre yourself and support the rest of your body.

YOGA – FLOW (will be back on the schedule in the fall)
A fun, more energetic, less traditional practice done to louder, more trendy music.

A gentle, mindful practice to restore and rejuvenate. Slow movement with a Yin flavor, infused with meditation.

A fluid, all -level yoga class that will include breath work, mindfulness and sound asana/movement patterns & principles.

An introspective yoga practice focusing on truly existing in our bodies combined with meditation and a restorative Savasana. A fabulous practice to end the weekend and prepare for the week to come.

Registration is required to reserve your place. 


All prices include HST

Drop in fee for a class     $11.00

10 pass access                 $100.00 Contact me if you would like to share your 10pass with a family member or friend.

1 month unlimited           $80.00  31 days from the date of purchase, cannot be shared

You will also have the option to purchase private or small group sessions to practice yoga, learn proper movement patterns, tune up your body and train safely to achieve your personal fitness goals.



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