Do’s and don’ts for depression

If you or anyone you know suffers from depression I recommend you watch this video. I like the simple strategies that they suggest to help alleviate the grip of depression.

As I type the words ”simple strategies” I cringe a little bit because I know that dealing with depression is far from simple. It is a constant battle, but when we take on daily rituals as mentioned in this video we can shake things up enough to feel in control and eventually,  with the help of other strategies such as modifying our diet, getting rid of toxins or toxic people as well as working with a qualified naturopath or open minded MD, we can reconnect with the happiness that eludes us.

Three daily self care rituals:

1. Drink lemon water when you wake up in the morning.

2. Take a walk in the afternoon. Get some sunshine! Vitamin D will make a huge difference in your mood.

3. Get the best sleep you can by quieting down in the evening.  Drink chamomile tea and stay away from stimulus from TVs or computers after 10pm.

Three things to completely avoid

1. Don’t isolate yourself. Find a trusted person to connect with especially when you  really crave isolation. Get out of the house and go take a yoga class or be with people even if you do not actually interact with them.

2. Do not insulate. Resist the urge to become numb by using drugs or alcohol. The relief is temporary and always makes things worse.

3. Do not stay in your head. Give yourself a key word that can help zap you out of that negative hamster wheel. A simple example would be to say : ”I like yellow” and every time you see the color yellow you force a smile on your face. The smile does not have to be sincere you can even have the the most disgusted smile look on your face if you want. It will however shift you out of your funk.  If you can’t do it on your own find a trusted friend who can use a key word when they see you declining.  It is a code word between the two of you that they can use to let you know that they know you are getting or deepening into depression and they love you enough to tell you and challenge you to shift. It can be considered as some sort of kind, gentle electroshock therapy… without holding the live wires. Tell your friend they are not to do that…… 🙂