How to unwind the body out of physical and emotional TRAUMA

Trauma, be it physical, emotional or psychic, may be stored only to resurface, sometimes years later, as a pain, an anxiety, a behavior or any number of problems created by the body’s method of compensation.

The Anatomy of Trauma/ TraumaPractik© methods are designed to help us think outside of the box and re-evaluate our understanding of injury and trauma and their effects upon the body/mind/spirit continuum. This hands-on training prepares us, as a practitioner, to delve deeply into how the body accepts, deals with and then releases trauma so one can live without the excruciating pain associated with physical and emotional trauma.

The whole person, their history, posture, gait, culture, environment, work, family and beliefs are all important considerations in uncovering the source of pain. TraumaPractik© is a philosophy and a methodology, a global approach that integrates numerous modalities such as osteopathy, neuromuscular therapy, visceral massage, psychology etc, to resolve core issues.

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