Let’s Talk; Erasing The Stigma Associated With Mental Illness!

6 time Olympian Clara Huges arrived at Parliament Hill on Canada day after completing a 110 day bike ride across Canada.

The intent behind this 12,000 km journey: BRING AWARENESS TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!

WOW… I am in awe with this incredible physical accomplishment. Just looking at  the map of where she rode has me in pain. Take a moment to click on the link that shows all the 95 communities visited on her journey:

Map of Clara’s cross Canada cycling journey.

Clara stated, in some of the interviews near the end of her long journey, that the physical and emotional demands of this incredible feat was more intense and fulfilling than winning any of her Olympic medals. She got to connect with Canadians and give them a platform to share their stories about their challenges and, all to often, silent suffering with mental illness. Clara says that the heart breaking stories from little girls all the way to military personnel fueled her to move mountains along her exhausting journey.

I love Bell Let’s Talk and all of Clara’s work to get people talking about their struggles with mental health issues. As many as one in 5 people suffer from some form of mental illness. Some will require medication and support from qualified psychiatrist or psychologists.  But for many, the most important step in becoming empowered against what they battle is to talk about what they are experiencing without the fear of being judged or condemned.

The stigma associated with mental illness needs to be erased!

I am all to aware of the struggles with depression. I have battled that beast since my teen years. I am quite familiar with many of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and discuss those openly especially with my daughters. We work together to implement strategies to tame mental health issues in our household no differently than we would work together to deal with allergies, physical injuries, physical illnesses etc.

There are a multitude of strategies available to tame many of the symptoms of mental health issues. Exercise and strategic nutrition modifications can make all the difference for some people. Supplements and naturopathic/homeopathic remedies can be incredibly effective. Meditation and stress management techniques can change a person’s life…

Having conversations with a Wellness Coach to increase your understanding of your mental health issues, with the intent of empowering yourself with strategies and tools that you can implement or use, can be one of the greatest steps in your journey to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Let’s talk and change some lives !!