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The anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor, vaginal canal, uterus and all that is involved in the female genitalia and reproduction system is mind boggling. No wonder men can’t figure us out. We women (generally) have no clue about what WE are all about!! We are beautifully complex beings for sure.

Over the last few years I have been more and more intrigued about all that is female and is in the pelvic bowl due to the fact that I have experienced some less than pleasant medical issues and pain in the region and beyond.

In my personal experience and my research I have come to find out that MANY women suffer and likely needlessly suffer in silence.  Well, it is time to start the conversation and bring this to the mainstream.

Here are a few of the issues that women have. This is far from an exhaustive list. I am only touching upon some of the simpler ones:

  • Urinary or fecal incontinence
  • Bladder prolapse
  • Damaged nerves leading to pain. Not only local pain during sex but also radiating to low back or legs
  • Decrease in sensation during sex
  • Vaginal dryness
  • And the list goes on

When you google what to do about pelvic issues the first thing that comes up is an exercise called Keegles, named after the doctor who first promoted them in the 40’s. He did a great job at getting the word out that surgery and medication were not the only things available for women to improve their state of pelvic health. All these years later, experts are discovering that far too often the Keegle exercises are done incorrectly and or they are not the right prescription. Even though a ‘’toned pelvic floor and even better; a toned vagina’’ sounds like a great thing,  like all other muscles, if they become hypertonic and no longer function well on their team of surrounding muscles, many of the issues that a woman is trying to eliminate may just get worse.

Here are a few suggestions that may be the right strategies if you are dealing with some of the mentioned issues. Of course, you will check with your medical practitioner to make sure there are no illnesses or underlying physical restrictions that you need to know of or address to be and remain healthy. There are great physiotherapists that are fully trained in pelvic rehabilitation and may possibly be the best place to start.  That said, many of the strategies I will suggest would most likely be part of the options that they would use.  I know that not everyone is comfortable with having a stranger hanging around their private parts.  Sometimes starting with simple strategies in the privacy of your home can get things moving in the right direction.

  • First and foremost you should take time to quiet down, manage your stress and take the time to listen to the signals that your body sends you.
  • If you have been assaulted, raped, abused, injured, traumatized I urge you to seek a fantastic councilor, coach, psychologist, religious leader or incredibly amazing friend that will help you heal the trauma out of your mind, psyche, soul and body. You are worth it!!
  • Be physically active. Even when pain invades your body you should stay mobile. The worst thing to do is to become sedentary. Find gentle, weight bearing and fun physical activity to do on a daily basis. Avoid sitting for hours on end. One great exercise to do daily is to squat. The motion of squatting recruits a whole team of muscles that in the long run ensure the proper support, tone and suppleness of your pelvic floor. A simple tip would be to squat 5 to 10 times every half an hour.
  • Learn how to void your bladder and colon properly. Use a Squatty Potty  ( They sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $30 ) to have your knees elevated and be in a more squat like position. Lean forward and RELAX. Do not hurry the process and especially do not bear down to push it all out. Once you believe your bladder or colon are empty take a few more moments to shift your position and relax in that position.
  • I thought I was doing a great job in public restrooms by ‘’squatting’’ rather than sitting on those really gross public toilets. I have absolutely created well-toned pelvic floor muscles but I also created confused muscles that actually need to relax, rather than be in contraction, so that the urethra can be in the relaxed state required to void the bladder.  I have learned to carry antibacterial wet wipes to clean the seat, put tissue on the seat…. Whatever it takes to be able to actually sit and relax and not rush the process…. Even if there is a long line-up of people waiting to go.
  • Massage your pelvic floor muscles using a Coregeous or soft playground and/or Yoga Tune Up® balls. The techniques are fairly simple but are best learned in a one-to one setting. You can book a session with me to learn how to use the therapeutic balls. One of the Yoga Tune Up® teachers that took her teacher training at the same time I did a few years ago stated that she had the BEST SEX EVER after doing a pelvic muscle session using the therapy balls. Nuff said!
  • Massage and stimulate your vagina. This option is not as obvious for most. Women in some European countries have their vagina and pelvic floor muscles massaged, stimulated and learn how to tone those muscles prior to leaving the hospital after giving birth. As far as I know, that is not the case here in Canada. There is a rather impressive, medical grade device that is now available so that we can massage and stimulate our pelvic floor muscles and vagina back to health in the comfort of our own home. The device is called the vSculpt. Once I saw that 3rd party research done yielded the following results, after 45 to 60 days of use,  I was sold:


  • 90% had less bladder leakage
  • 91% had more vaginal hydration
  • 78% claim sexual intercourse is no longer painful for them
  • 89% felt increased vaginal sensitivity

Check out the vSculpt website for details about the amazing technology, the team of experts that developed the product, the results and how to purchase your own!

I’m encouraged by the early results achieved with vSculpt, especially in postmenopausal women and after childbirth. vSculpt is helping women who have pelvic floor issues experience a better quality of life. It’s also helping create an open dialogue among women about these very common issues, which up until now have been mainly kept quiet. As a women’s health advocate, I’m excited to see this positive step forward in helping advance women’s wellness. Dr. Sarah de la Torre.

“I regularly hear from women suffering from the effects of pelvic floor disorders, and many are at a loss for how to solve these problems. I am delighted to partner with the Joylux team to introduce vSculpt, the first affordable home device that addresses pelvic floor issues.Dr. Donnica Moore

vSculpt Medical Endorsement with Dr. Pepper Schwartz

I look forward to hearing thousands more success stories as this product is sold and used worldwide. 

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