Pelvic Tune-Up… Focusing on health from the inside and out

Have you ever experienced:
  • Urinary incontinence?
  • Leaking when you laugh or sneeze?
  • Discomfort or pain during sexual relations?
  • Organ prolapses?
  • Did you just have a baby or have had babies and wish to care for your pelvic floor muscles?

Come learn more about simple functional training/ corrective exercises, therapeutic massage as well as breathing techniques that will empower you better understand what you can do to get your pelvic floor back on track!

No Keegles in this workshop!

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Part 1 Sunday May 7th 4-5:30pm

  • The anatomy of the pelvic floor and our core
  • How to connect to the pelvic floor
  • Daily functional movements and strategies that will help you regain or keep a healthy pelvic floor

Part 2 Sunday May 13th 11:30-1:00pm

  • Review of the strategies presented in part 1
  • Corrective and therapeutic exercises to maintain or regain your pelvic floor health
  • Introduction to the vSculpt medical device and pelvic floor physiotherapy options.

     $28.25 for one session                          $45.20 for both sessions